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Street Academy of Albany
Harriet Gibbons High School

The following is a digital collection of yearbooks from Street Academy of Albany (1970-1992) and Harriet Gibbons High School (1992-2005 HS, 2005-present as 9th grade prep).

PLEASE NOTE: Many of these yearbooks are very graphics-intensive and may take some time to load on your web browser. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher is required to view these yearbooks.

Street Academy of Albany (1970-1992)

1972 Yearbook, "Viewpoint"

1974 Yearbook, "Let's Get It On"

1976 Yearbook, "Resurrection"

1977 Yearbook, "Future Shock"

1980 Yearbook, "Street Life"

1981 Yearbook, "Retrospect"

1983 Yearbook, "Rap History"

1989 Yearbook, "Street Academy"

1990 Yearbook, "Cheers to Street Academy Graduates"

1991 Yearbook, "Street Academy of Albany"
Bonnie Diefendorf Memorial Issue

Other yearbooks to be added.

Harriet Gibbons High School (1992-2005)

1995 Graduation Journal

1996 Yearbook, "When You Wish Upon A Star"

1997 Yearbook, "Soaring to New Heights"

2001 Yearbook, "Having Our Say"

2002 Yearbook, "Dreams"

2003 Yearbook, "Harriet Gibbons"

2006 Yearbook, "Transformations"
(last yearbook as 9-12th grade school)

More yearbooks to be added.

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