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Street Academy of Albany
Harriet Gibbons High School

Welcome to a webpage and gallery devoted to the history of Albany, New York's alternative education high school, The Street Academy of Albany / Harriet Gibbons High School.

This website was created with the goal of memorializing and remembering the accomplishments of Albany's inner-school education project. Memories from students, teachers and administrators will be stored on this page; as will images of photographs, yearbooks, anecdotes, videos and other historic artifacts.

The website is maintained by Chuck Miller, Street Academy Graduate of 1981. If you have any memories, anecdotes, photographs, etc., please contact Chuck at this e-mail link. All physical artifacts will be carefully photographed and returned.

The website is still under construction, please feel free to visit some of the links below:

NEW "Thank You Street Academy For Three Wonderful Years," a remembrance of the years at Street Academy by Donyasia (Vivvy) Williams, SA '81
Street Academy / Harriet Gibbons High School history
"Black Through The Years," a school-produced play
Street Academy Victory over Albany Academy on WRGB-TV 6's Answers Please quiz show
The "Streakers" basketball team
Street Academy / Harriet Gibbons High School yearbooks (viewing yearbooks requires Adobe PDF browser)
An interview with Sister Mary Ellen Harmon, founder of Street Academy / Harriet Gibbons High School

While this website contains a collection of memories and historic information about Street Academy and Harriet Gibbons High School, and is designed to honor the history of the school, if there are students who were part of the school, and who feel that they do not want their images or history to be a part of the documentation, please contact me and indicate on which page or pages your image appears; efforts will be made to delete or obscure photograph of those who are so concerned.

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