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In 2005, I purchased a new lens from a company called Loreo, a "3d Lens in a Cap" camera lens that fits perfectly onto my Nikon D70 camera body. Over time, I have experimented with various photographic subjects to show off some 3-D pictures here and there. The following is a gallery of three-dimensional images below. All photographs are copyrighted (c) Chuck Miller.


These images are designed to be viewed as "parallel" 3-D images. Essentially you relax your eyes until both sides of the image blend together as one complete picture. For more information on how to view "parallel" images, click here for an easy way to practice. This way, you're not shelling out for special red-green eyeglass lenses, or trying to cross your eyes to the point where your brain hurts.

Albany Patroons

2006 Chicago Toy Show

Roadside America miniature display

Randy Inman Toy and Automobile Auction, June 2006

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the 3-D gallery.

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